You are currently viewing The strength of us lies in the vision of the concept with utmost optimism and patience.- Biraja Rout

The strength of us lies in the vision of the concept with utmost optimism and patience.- Biraja Rout

Mr Biraja Rout the man who moved from IT to entrepreneurship. He is the founder of Biggies Burger & more, he started Biggies Burger back in 2011 and from then till now Biggies has not failed to set up a mark in its own field.

His brand is not only appreciated but is also widely accepted by people. After the struggle of the initial 5 years, Biggies has achieved to set its place in people’s hearts & midst their food cravings. They offer healthy & delish grilled burgers which indeed make their customers happy and crave more.

Here are some things that we got to know about him and his brand en route our interview.

In the beginnings

With a background in the IT sector, he moved forward to his very own startup food chain of Biggies Burger & more back in 2011. To him, it all started with a passion for food and the desire to have an inhouse Odia brand. There was always an inclination towards globalization but with a

tag of “MADE IN INDIA”. So he was pretty clear he was going to do something with BURGER by 2011 while he was in his first year of service at INFOSYS, Bangalore. To seed his dream, with little to no experience and limited fund he arranged a loan worth 1.5 lacs and the brand

“BIGGIES BURGER” came to life.

The procedure and works

Even though the efforts that go into making this brand the way it is now and taking it to new heights are constant, still we know the efforts that go into the first times are something else. So the initial time was the hardest to pass by. He recalls drawing out his dream his own way, to give life to the concept and build it solely as per his imagination gave him a tremendous amount of joy. The startup is like a baby & as per him, it is patience & optimism are the vein and heart for the brand. The only assets that he had were the optimism that it can be a QSR chain.

The first employee of his was his apartment cook, who joined later as full-time

staff. So to take care of the operation of the first store, he had hired 3 employees and had done all the backend tasks himself. The brand image and impression were the real income rather than the store’s profit during that period.

The Founder and their strategies

Well to this he replied that there was a uniqueness about their venture which does the magic. So the brand is more focused on product conceptualization, design, and planning. As a brand, they were the first in India to cater to whole baked BURGERs in the name of beamers, which were highly appreciated by a lot of customers. Late 2016 as to when they started growing, he came up with the concept of pioneering the art of global grilled burgers. They changed their game with the changing times. They are determined to serve authentic burgers to India and not do any injustice to the flavour of the food. In that course, he started doing extensive R&D on grilled burgers which were originally served in the US dating way back. After a rigorous effort of 10 months, they came up with a totally new segment of grilled products with unique stuffing, bread, and sauces. Which were not only accepted but appreciated and approved by the customers are their favourites.

The better ways ahead

As globalization is a major factor in today’s market, with the increasing number of businesses competition is an ever-growing factor. He plans on tackling it with the strategy to adopt the timeline & mode of the business. Like previously the strategy was to produce consistent product & service, currently its exposure to the stores in volume, and in the future, it might become something else. For now, as it is exposed the growth is as expected. In the future, they are planning on opening more company-owned stores rather than franchise stores. They are targeting 500 stores by 2023-24.

As for one thing that he believes in is “The strength of us lies in the vision of the concept with utmost optimism and patience. “