India’s First Baked Burgers

Baked Burgers, Cheesy Fries, And Virgin Mojitos: Add This Burger Chain To Your List Of Quick Bites What Did I Like? Late night cravings? Or don’t want to spend too much on lunch? Biggies Burger n More is your go-to place for a quick and filling bite. Known for their baked burgers with juicy patties, a triple decker burger will cost you just INR 150. They also dish out greasy grilled burgers as well as hot dogs, subs, and sandwiches. My pick of the menu would be the Smoked BBQ, Potato Krunch, and Jumbo burgers. All of these are a meal in itself. You can order a side of peri peri or cheesy fries or go for a combo meal that comes with a side and a drink. What’s My Pro Tip? Do try the Jumbo Triple Decker Burger. It comes with a beamer, a patty, and two nuggets. You might need to dislocate your jaw for a perfect bite. Anything Else? They do home delivery and they are open until midnight. Instead of an Empire shawarma, you could have a Biggies burger after your Friday night scenes.