Humans of Bhubaneswar

“I started Biggies Burger in 2011. In India, the moment we think about burgers, a crispy grilled fatty food comes into our mind. This is a result of the immense marketing by the big MNCs that operate in the same segment. However, actual burgers are not very crunchy. They are either grilled or baked. I started the concept of baking the burgers, which were a healthy alternative containing less oil and were almost fat free. But this could not gain popularity as a larger number people were still inclined towards the grilled burger segments. The journey into this particular food industry was full of rough patches. The main challenge that I faced was the lack of sufficient funding during the inception. As a brand, which started in 2011, it took me almost five years to stabilize the funding. During the first five years, there was not a single month where I made any profit. Since I did not have much funds I decided to dedicate more time to the brand and its customers.

Back then, I had only one store supported by one manufacturing unit and that is the reason I could not capitalized the profit at front. However, I was gaining a brand value all along because of the quality of our product, with the support of our loyal customers. Trust me it is all about sustainability in the market. When people think you are doing something different, that means you have a potential to grow.

Another challenge I faced was the lack of skilled work force. Although India is the second most populated county, still there is a lack of skilled people. That is why I adopted ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ to train them properly. Right now Biggies have around 750 SOPs that are followed across all verticals and horizontals. That way, if I need to hire anyone, I can provide them the training in their preferred language. Our stores are not restaurants; rather they are the assembling points. The inventory comes directly from our manufacturing unit in Bangalore. The staff assembles it in the respective workstations and serve them to the customers. That is how we ensure the taste is independent of the staff and the consistency is maintained throughout.

So far, biggies have generated employment for more than 200 people. We have 24 outlets in eastern and southern zone now. We are planning to expand it further not just to provide healthy burgers but also to make products that matches the international quality & standards.”