Back in November 2011, a visionary man with a dream of reforming fast-food culture quit his daily job to set up a 5 ft. by 5 ft. kiosk on the footpaths of Bangalore. What followed next was the beginning of a QSR revolution in India and the inception of the brand called – ‘Biggies Burger’.

The brainchild of Biraja Prasad Rout, Biggies Burger is the fulfilment of a great Indian dream of having an in-house brand of authentic burgers. The original PIONEER OF GRILLED BURGERS, our commitment to quality ingredients, signature recipes, and affordable prices is what has defined our legacy for the last 10 successful years.

2011 -  Birth Of <br> Biggies OUR JOURNEY 2011 Our parent company, Beamer Food & Beverages was founded and the brand Biggies Burger was born as a Food Enterprise. KNOW US baby_burger 2013 - Became <br>Popular PEOPLE LOVING 2013 Biggies Burger started gaining popularity. The idea of multi-location venture came into inception. KNOW US STARTED 2015 - Biggies Expansion BIGGIES EXPANSION 2015 Team size grew to 30 as operations took off. Expansion into Biggies Burger outlets began. KNOW US team_expansion baby_burger baby_burger baby_burger baby_burger 2016 - Franchise Distribution Started INTRODUCED 2016 After successful runs at its two prime outlets, Biggies Burger introduced Franchising for its Brand. OWN A FRANCHISE Water_can FRANCHISE Franchise_pot branch3 water-can branch1 shop Franchise_pot shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop shop Franchise_pot 2018- Biggest <br>Jump THE BIGGEST 2018 Biggies Burger saw its biggest jump in demand for Franchise with the opening of 21 stores across India. OWN A FRANCHISE JUMP Indiamap 2022 - Global<br> Presence THE FUTURE 2022 Planning to cross the 100+ outlet milestone and mark our Global Presence as well. JOIN US PRESENCE GLOBAL

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