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  • Biggies Burger

    Our Story

    Back in November 2011, a visionary man with a dream of reforming fast-food culture quits his daily job to set up a 5ft by 5ft kiosk on the footpaths of Bangalore. What follows next is the beginning of a QSR revolution in India and the inception of the brand called – ‘Biggies Burger®’.

    The brainchild of Biraja Prasad Rout, Biggies Burger is the fulfilment of a great Indian dream of having an in-house brand of authentic burgers. The PIONEER OF GRILLED BURGERS, our commitment to quality ingredients, signature recipes, and affordable prices is what has defined our legacy for the last 10 successful years.

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  • Biggies Burger

    The Brand

    A subsidiary of Beamer Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd, the brand ‘Biggies Burger®’ was conceptualized as a café and fast food enterprise. A multi-location food retail venture exclusively focused on India’s new burger culture. The tagline – Be Brave Be Biggies™ speaks for our commitment to end hunger and beyond. No matter what the situations are Biggies Burger® will always be there for you in every odd, for every craving helping beat the hunger.


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  • Biggies Burger

    The Legacy

    Founded and managed by the first generation of entrepreneurs, the company stands tall as an embodiment of fast-food disruptive innovation. It has given birth to a community of food lovers bringing people closer from all over the world. Racing towards to become one of India’s most valued unicorns, Biggies Burger® touches lives every day with good food and warm people.


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  • Biggies Burger

    Kitchens & Outlet

    Biggies Burger® adheres to the hygiene requirements set forth by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), ensuring total safety of your food. All our kitchen premises are cleaned daily with disinfectants and sanitizers at periodic intervals. Frequently used equipment like tongs, freezer, oven, grills, etc. are sterilized regularly under observation. Common areas like the dining spaces, restrooms, entrance, and exist of the restaurants are also cleaned thoroughly.


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  • Biggies Burger


    Both personal and professional hygiene is an integral part of Biggies Burger®’s curated training program for its staff & members. Our well-groomed staffs attend every customer in neat uniforms and proper etiquettes. Team members are instructed to use necessary gears and PPE like face masks and gloves, aprons to avoid any kind of contamination.  


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  • Biggies Burger


    Biggies Burger® picks only trusted suppliers and vendors who pass definitive safety checks and follow hygiene guidelines. We also issue strict regulatory policies over the quality and grade of raw materials leaving no room for compromise.


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  • Biggies Burger

    Making Burgers Healthy Since 2011

    Biggies Burger® has earned its reputation for putting exemplary efforts in creating one of the healthiest fast-food chains in India. Did you know? Our pursuit of nutritious burgers began with an extensive R&D on grilled burgers which were served way back in the 15th century!


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  • Biggies Burger


    Over these years, Biggies Burger® has crossed multiple milestones in attaining the highest standards of fast serving foods and beverages. All our salads and burgers are prepared using nutrition-rich ingredients which include but not limited to fresh vegetables, indigenous spices, wholemeal bread, favourable condiments, and sauces.

    Biggies Burger® makes sure that you relish every bite of your favourite food guilt-free maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Check out our blog  for recent updates on nutrition, dietary burgers, and more.

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